Starting work on the group project

In your groups I would like you to draft a project pitch that will give some details of your proposed group project. This project pitch needs to be approved by me because we need to make sure that your group project is both feasible and appropriate for the module.

I would like a first draft of your project pitch by Monday 4th March. Remember, your group project will pick one or more of the global challenges and then communicate them to an audience. So your pitch must include:

  • The global challenge(s) selected
  • The audience (e.g. CEO of large multinational, secondary school pupils)
  • The medium (e.g. YouTube film, presentation, series of posters)
  • Any requirements you have for completing the project (video camera, printing materials)

Please note that you do not need to provide any details about the particular challenges at this stage. We are still learning about them!

You will need to schedule regular group meetings in order to make progress on your projects. I would like your meetings documented. I suggest someone wears the ‘blue hat’ and manages an agenda, with someone else taking notes. Your meeting notes will be submitted along with your group project entry. The meeting notes will not be assessed and do not have to be elaborate. The date of the meeting, who attended, who is currently doing what actions and what actions are planned in the future is all they need to capture.

I have found can really help manage group working. You have to sign up, but it’s free and contains a range of tools that means your group work can all happen in one place. Documents can be created and shared, discussion threads started and saved. You don’t have to use wiggio, or any other application for that matter, but if nothing else please do take a look and feel free to try other applications.

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