Assessments for 2017-18 are changed from 2016-17.

Assessment 1: Group TED-style presentation (recorded) 30%

Presentations will explore how the individual Global Challenges interact to form a much larger, more complex, potentially much harder to manage system. It would be possible for multimedia content such as short films or animations to be integrated into group presentations.Ā Presentation content and delivery will be practiced throughout teaching. Rather than present live, groups will record their talks and upload the final media file to eAssignments.Ā More details on this assessment will be provided in Week 1 & 2 of teaching.

The Group Presentation will be worth 30% of the total mark. Each group will be awarded a single mark. Individual’s final mark will be a combination of the group mark and the result of peer marking from other group members.

Talks will be marked on the following criteria

  1. Scholarly content – is the talk supported by relevant information that is appropriately referenced?
  2. Synthesis – how effectively have different data and theory been synthesised?
  3. Critical thinking – what original thought and analysis has been provided?
  4. To what extent are the individual speakerā€™s contributions integrated?
  5. How engaging are visual aids? Do they support the talk?
  6. How effective are the speakers? Are they well prepared?

Assessment 1 will be submitted electronically via eAssignment here:Ā

Assessment 2: Ā Individual closed book examination 70%

The two hour examination will have two parts: short questions testing the understanding ofĀ  core elements of systems dynamics with examples and how they can be applied to better understand the Global Challenges; analysis of the notion of limits to growth in the context of planetary boundaries.

More details on this assessment will be provided in Week 1 & 2 of teaching.






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