Energy Security

Sovacool, B.K., The Routledge handbook of energy security (2011)
1 copy available in the library
Also available:
Sovacool, B.K., Energy & ethics (electronic resource)

University of Exeter & SPRU at University of Sussex: ‘Energy Security in a Multipolar World‘. Includes links to all the presentations from several conferences including ‘Resilience and society: Energy infrastructure’.

Oxford University lecture: ‘Energy Challenge’

UK Government: Maintaining UK Energy Security

Renewable Energy – Research
University of Southampton: The Sustainable Energy Research Group

University of Exeter: Renewable Energy Research

Environmental Change Institute at Oxford University: Renewable Energy Research – this includes links to journal papers, reports and presentations

Imperial College London: Energy Futures Lab

Centre for Solar Energy Research 

The National Renewable Energy Centre 

Low Carbon Future
Environmental Change Institute at Oxford University: Lower Carbon Futures

Royal Society: Towards a low carbon future (2009 report)

Chatham House: Who owns our low carbon future?

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