Countdown to Global Challenges 2016

Global Challenges UOSM2010 will start teaching in 11 days time.

Timetabling has been arranged as:Ā Lecture Monday 10:00-10:45 Seminar Monday 14:00-16:45. It is always very challenging to timetable this module given the broad range of programs and year of study of those enrolled. Students will be assigned toĀ oneĀ of the followingĀ seminar sessions: 1) 14:00-14:45 2) 15:00-15:45 3) 16:00-16:45. We will organise Ā seminar groups during Monday’s first day of teaching.

There have been some changes to the assessments this year. Details are available at the assessment pageĀ here.

Lecture content is beingĀ updated, but the main themes and central readings are the same. So reviewing what we did last year will give a good representation of the material we will cover in 2016.

This year the lecture classroom with beĀ laptop freeĀ (you are free to bring whatever device you like to seminars). I appreciate that there isĀ debateĀ about this issue, and that some students have special requirements that involve laptops. Please speak to me either in class of email (address below). My position about this matter is largely derived from the distraction that laptop use can causeĀ non-laptop users. All lectures will be recorded and slides with notes will be made availableĀ afterĀ teaching. This is perhaps another position I need to explain. Let me do that during the first lecture!

If you have any questions about the module, then please contact me via email: j.dyke AT

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