That’s it, it’s over! Well nearly. Please submit your poster (including bibliography) and briefing notes by 17:00 Monday 19th May. Details on the Assessments page here. I will be emailing out general feedback comments on the group presentations soon with detailed feedback to each group soon after.

Today in class I announced the winners of the Global Challenges Competition 2014

gc quiz winners 2014 V2-sCongratulations House Sauria. Full details here. If your team would like a similar poster, then please drop me a line and I will put one together and email it to you (it took forever to do the first one, but it’s now easy to produce further posters).

I hope you have all enjoyed the course and found it a useful addition to your program of study. I appreciate that the module and some of its teaching is non-standard and perhaps takes a bit of getting used to. Your feedback was very important to me in shaping the module. Thank you for that. Please consider spending a few moment on submitting some module feedback on the ‘official’ system online that should be available via Blackboard (although some of you will get emails directly about feedback I believe). This feedback is important and the University does listen to it.

For those that are revising for exams – good luck! It will soon all be over. And for those in their final year – very good luck! It’s a stressful but exciting time. I wish you the best of fortune and adventure in your new endeavours. It’s a bit of strange time for me – relief at having finished teaching (I can now look forward to some research) but also rather sad that I won’t be seeing you again. I’m very grateful for your hard word and commitment. I have been extremely impressed by some of the quality of the work. It fills me with optimism. And blue skies and sunshine today.

Summer is coming!

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