Week 5 Summary

Monday 3/3/2014 17:00 is the deadline for Assessment 1. Please submit your assessment electronically via Blackboard.

On Tuesday we start working towards the next Assessment. I have put a DRAFT Assessment 2 template online here UOSM2010-2014-Individual-Report-2-Template-DRAFT. This will almost certainly change, but it gives an indication of what will be required for the second assessment in more detail. I will discuss this in class on Tuesday.

Reading for 4/3/2014 Royal Society Report Towards a low carbon future. Watch Kate Raworth Doughnut Economics lecture. Download slides of a related talk here UOSM2010-2014-Kate-Raworth.

I would like to set some structured “homework” for Tuesday’s class. In order for this to be productive, it is essential that you watch the lecture video and read the report.



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