Group poster submissions and presentation feedback

For Assessment 3 (group poster) I require three submissions:

  1. An individual “Briefing Note” from everyone in the group, submitted via Blackboard. Details on the Assessment page here.
  2. A single email from each group that has either a link to a Piktochart poster/info graphic or an attachment that contains your poster
  3. A single bibliography for the group poster. In class I have suggested that you add a section at the end of your poster that contains the bibliography. However if you prefer to email me that information then that is fine also. I only require a one poster bibliography from each group.

For Assessment 4 (group presentations) I will be giving feedback as soon as all groups have finished their presentations on Friday. I don’t want to give any undue advantage to groups presenting after earlier groups and so will hold off with any general and specific feedback and marks until everyone has finished this assessment.




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