Week 7 Summary

On Tuesday I ran an in-class feedback session on Assessment 1. I have also been giving feedback individually in-class and via email. We have nearly finished marking all the Assessment 1 reports and will then be able to release marks and feedback for everyone. I have been a bit unwell this week and this has affected the marking, but I don’t see any reason to change the Assessment 2 deadline.

One reason I’m happy to keep the deadline is that most people have done very well with Assessment 1. That’s great. Pretty much all of you have got the fundamental understanding of systems dynamics. This week we began to apply it to Beddington’s Perfect Storm. Lots of good discussion and questions. I will present some of this in-class on Tuesday. Remember that this module features ‘just in time teaching’ so my feedback from you and discussions from you can significantly shape future lectures.

This iterative aspect of the module is very important. I set you a task, you provide a solution and then we talk about it. Assessments aren’t designed to ‘catch you out’ or punish poor performance. They are there to help structure learning. This does mean a lot of work outside of class and a good deal of independent learning. But it’s working.

Assessment 2 will ramp up the workload and in some ways it’s a significantly harder assessment than Assessment 1. But, if you put in the work and come to class you will very likely get a very good mark. I have been very impressed with overall quality of the work that I’ve seen thus far. Please keep it up.

Please update your group on Blackboard with a wiki item that gives a description of your group poster. I suggest you write the ‘t-shirt’, audience and brief narrative (telling the story of the poster). We will work on this again next week. In the meantime if you have any questions, then please email me.

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