Week 4 Summary

Thank you very much for your contributions to our experiment today. I will report back once we have done the analysis. It’s very important that we do experiments like these because they have and continue to have an important impact on how individuals, corporations and countries approach issues surrounding not just climate change but the other Global Challenges.

Required reading is online along with lecture slides on the Course Notes page.

I have had some technical problems with the recordings of some of the lectures. I’m working on this. In the meantime I’ve uploaded Lecture 5 (planetary boundaries) as an audio only lecture, this along with a pdf of the lecture slides are available online in the Course Notes section of the module website.

Tuesday’s class is a coursework lab – so bring along your individual assessments to work on. I will be on hand to answer questions and I may also present some material during the class.

Finally, the eagle eyed of you may have spotted an error in slide 28 (this showed the outcomes of Player A and Player B when deciding whether to pay or not pay to a tax to avoid climate change). I have corrected this error so the pdf UOSM2010-2014-L7 is correct. The error (if you didn’t spot it) is that both Player A and Player B should both be ‘v poorer’ when both don’t pay the tax but the slide I showed had Player A as “v poorer” and Player B “poorer”. A small error, but one that can cause havoc with your understanding!

If you have any questions about game theory, if something didn’t make sense or add up, then please email me. That goes for anything else about the course material. I can answer questions via email, after class or if required I can go over subjects in class. I appreciate you have a very broad range of backgrounds and I’m very happy to revisit material to make sure you are all comfortable with it.

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