Week 3 Summary

Please remember to check www.gc.soton.ac.uk for details about required reading and course schedule. There is NO lecture scheduled for (next) Tuesday 18th February. However, I recommend you come to the room and work on the current assessments. I also need you to email me your ideas for your group project poster for Friday 21st, so I suggest you also use the Tuesday session to work on these.

A bit of group admin: Those that formed a new group today, please email me the list of people (including subject and year) in the group and email me. If someone additional joined your group please email who joined which group.

There were some good answers today about John’s lecture. Some, well… not so good. It is very important you watch the guest lecture videos. A lot of the subject specific content for the module will be given via these lectures.

Some replies to specific feedback:

  • Room not suitable for group work: I have tried again at finding another room for the Friday slot. The latest is that it’s not possible to find another room for more than 60 people at that time. I will keep trying.
  • Sometimes it takes a while to get started on Friday: I agree! Now that the groups are (largely) settled and there are no more joiners to the module we should be able to get started sooner on Friday mornings.
  • Not sure when Assessment 1 to be submitted (currently says week of 24th Feb): I’ve updated the website today – submission by 17:00 on 28th February. You have all the information required to now compete the first assessment. I suggest you use the free slot on Tuesday to work on this along with your group poster ideas.
  • Not enough depth about the particular global challenges. This will be provided by the guest lectures about a specific topic and the material at www.gc.soton.ac.uk/resources. There is more than you need there, but in a way it’s just a jumping off point for a good deal more. What the in-class lectures have been developing is how to think about these global challenges in the context of systems dynamics. In a way it’s an approach to the different subjects. Use that approach individually and in your groups to address the specific global challenges.
  • More details about TEDx required: Please visit www.tedxsouthamptonuniversity.com

And not in response to any particular feedback, but to keep you updated:

  • Next week I will provide a draft report template for Assessment 2 “The systems storm” along with an indicative marking scheme. This will be a more flexible, essay-type report. But as I said in class today, I am mainly interested in what you think, what you know and how you approach these topics NOT how well you write. So don’t worry about essay writing.
  • I’m putting the slides up after my lectures. Videos of the lectures take a bit longer, but will get online eventually. If there is anything that you need now, please let me know.


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