Week 2 Summary

On Tuesday this week we began exploring Systems Dynamics. On Friday we discussed the assessments and self-organised into groups. If you were unable to attend on Friday or wish to change to group for whatever reason, then please email me at j.dyke@soton.ac.uk and we will sort something out.

Yesterday’s lectures slides are available for download here: UOSM2010 2014 L4 and there is a video lecture available on the module YouTube channel here.

I received some excellent feedback following on from Friday’s session. I am already incorporating it into Tuesday’s lecture and the rest of the module.

Today I’ve uploaded a draft Report 1 template: UOSM2010 2014 Individual Report 1 Template DRAFT (the Assessments page has been updated). I will finalise this template before the end of next week. While I don’t envisage any great changes, please do not start the assessment until then. In the meantime this draft should give a good indication of what is required.

Next week I will discuss the Planetary Boundaries concept in some details. I will set the first video Guest Lecture – John Shepherd on climate change, already available here. On Friday we will do some work related to the guest lecture and the first assessment.

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